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Assistive Devices

I recently was asked by a friend to print some pill bottles that are meant for Alzheimer's patients that she had seen on social media. I had recalled that a few years ago, the 3d printing community banded together to create and perfect this design to help others.  I ended doing a deep dive on accessibility items as I've had friends and family affected by mobility and dexterity issues. 

On my way out the door to deliver these pill dispensers, I did a quick TikTok video to show them off and offer different devices to the public for free. I don't have a lot of engagement on that platform so I thought maybe one or two people may ask. I did not expect the amount of interaction that I woke up to this morning. At the moment that I'm typing this, the video is almost at 30,000 views and I've been fielding messages and comments all day. I'm so touched by the outpouring of ideas and need from an seemingly underserved community. 

I still want to help, but I need to set some boundaries because there is so much need and I don't have a massive print farm. 

I'll be listing the items as I print them and shipping will be added at checkout.  I've had some people ask if they could help without ordering, so there's a donate button below. All donations will go towards packing materials, shipping costs overages, and perhaps filament, if I end up running out. 

A number of viewers asked if they could buy the devices so I set up a duplicate shipping with a small price added to the listing. All of these files can be found publicly and the links to them are in the item description. I made sure that these are licensed for commercial use. I'm not profiting but the paid listings will help cover the shipping and packaging overages for the free devices. 

Not everything can be printed ahead of time so please allow 3-7 days for your order to ship. 

If you need more than the amount is set for, please contact me and I'll calculate a reasonable price for bulk plus shipping. I do want to help but I don't want to drain my own reserves. 

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