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This was such a cool project that started with Brian Alldridge and perfected by the 3d printing community.  You can see the video on this here.  


I'm offering these free with shipping calculated at checkout as well as a paid version for those that are able and willing to buy the product. 


This  assistive device comes in short and tall designs and are made specifically for Parkinson's meds so that one small, round pill can be dispensed at a time without spilling. The large grips are for easy handling. The bottom turns, catching the medication and rotating it under a wall that isolates that one pill. 


If this would help you but your pills are different sizes, please reach out. 


Note:  These are 3d printed in PLA or PETG. They are not air or water tight. If your meds are susceptable to humidity or temperature fluctuations, this may not be the item for you. I'll be looking into some other types of bottles as I go. 


Please choose a height option and a general color option (bright or muted colors). If you have any questions, requests, or would like a bulk order for your organization, please message me.  



Easy Turn Pill Bottle Assistive Device: Paid Version

  • Please do not put these in the dishwasher or wash with near boiling hot water. If any weaknesses show up in the print or it's not working as intended, please stop use and message me. 

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