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General Info on 3d Printing Services
  • I will only print files that are owned by the customer, whether they're original sculpts or bought files that are allowed for commercial use. 

  • After the print job is completed and delivered, I will either delete the files or store them on an external hard drive. I never use the files for my own. 

  • Base prices are calculated by gram per material used but to get an accurate quote, I'll need to run the file through my slicing program to estimate the cost. Without the file, I can only give a very wide ballpark range that I will narrow down once I have the file. 

  • If pricing out a large project (ie, multiple pieces of terrain, parts of a BJD) I will provide a Google Sheet quote list to the customer. 

  • Prices include preparing the model with supports if needed, slicing, very basic file fixing, and clean up. Clean up is support removal. Full sanding/paint preparation will be a separate charge. 

FDM Services
  • FDM is great for prototyping, articulated prints, large scale terrain and buildings, and solid color prints. 

  • Base price is .25/gram of material used. This covers my time as well as material and operation costs. If you have a large scale project and I can source filament in bulk, then I'll adjust prices as needed. As stated above, I can quote more accurately when I have the files on hand


  • .I mostly print in PLA and PETG and have a wide variety of colors available

Resin Printing
Articulated Dragons by McGuyBeer being sent out as gifts.
Resin Printed Betta Fish
  • Resin is used for miniatures, small models, ball jointed dolls, masters for casting, dental models, and art projects.

  • Base price is .45/gram of material used. As mentioned above, I can only accurately quote out a project once I have the files to run through the slicer. 

  • I do custom supports, hollowing with holes, and cleaning. The base price does not include sanding support nubs flat or preparation for casting or painting. 

Additional Services
Smoothing down support nubs.
Creating Dental Models in Blender for Dental
  • File fixing: $10 per project. This refers to time consuming fixes such as rescaling large projects and dealing with broken meshes. 

  • Color matching resin for BJDs: $5-$25 per batch, depending on the amount needed and the difficulty of matching the hue.

  • Sanding: $10 per part. This refers more to BJDs than anything else. I'll sand the support nubs off and smooth out the resin. This isn't a full prime and sand for molding preparation. If that's something you would like, contact me and I'll quote out per project. 

  • Scanning: $10 per part. Your physical piece will need to be sent to me for scanning. This includes the file fixing that I'll need to do in order to get the part printable. I can either provide the file for you to print or I can print it myself at the listed prices 

  • Design: This I'll have to quote out per project. I'm not always open for sculpting commissions. Please contact me so we can discuss your ideas and figure out if it's something that I have the time to do. 

Prusa MK3s undergoes regular maintainence.

Do you need help with your printers? I offer setup and troubleshooting for local customers and online support if you're not local. I can provide advice on which printer is right for you and come set up your hobby room or office. 

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