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This assistive device aids in opening pull tabs such as those found on soda cans. 


These are free and shipping will be applied at checkout. Please be kind here and keep your order to what you need. If you would like a larger quantity, please message me to work out a reasonable price. 


I have these set to out of stock for the time. This will allow me to set a limit on how many can be ordered for free so I don't get overwhelmed trying to help.  I'll update your order as soon as I have enough printed to ship. 


I'm printing these in an assortment of colors. Just choose in the drop down if you like bright, funky colors or you prefer a more muted palette of solid colors. 


If you have a 3d printer, the file can be found here.  






Pull Tab Can Opener Assistance-Free Version

  • These items will be printed in PLA or PETG. Do not put them in a dishwasher or boiling hot water. If they get dirty, then wash hand wash them in with a bit of dish soap and let dry. If you see weakness in the print, please halt use and contact me.

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