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This White's Tree Frog is an another amazing design by MatMireMakes. I love how soft it looks despite it being a hard plastic material. 


These are great fidget toys for adults, desk buddies, pretend pets, and fun to just hang on your refrigerator.


This listing is for one of the identical frogs. They have white bellies and areas around the eyes and the rest is printed in a gradient blue-green color. There are magents embedded so they can stick to any magnetic surface which gives extra posing abilities.


The bodies, not measuring the legs, is about 5", a nice palm size fidget friend. 


This listing is for one frog and you'll get one of the frogs in the photo. 

If you love this design but would like different colors, message me as I have a variety of filaments on  hand and can order whatever I'm missing. 

White's Tree Frog Articulated Fidget Toy for Adults

  • Wash with warm water and dish soap only if needed. Do not put into the diswasher or use super hot water. 

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