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Enhance your indoor jungle with our Monstera Leaf Houseplant Trellis, a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Crafted in the iconic shape of a Monstera leaf, it adds a touch of tropical charm to any corner of your home.

Key Features:

Iconic Design: Mimics the graceful silhouette of a Monstera leaf, bringing a botanical vibe to your space.

Sturdy Support: Provides reliable support for climbing plants, helping them grow beautifully.


Versatile Sizes: Available in 6" and 8" options to suit various plant sizes and spaces.


Color Options: Choose from classic shades of black, grey, brown, and white to match your décor effortlessly.


Eco - friendly: Made from PLA, a recyclable, compostable material made from plants. 

Our trellises are made to order so if you want a size or color that isn't listed, please message me for a custom listing. 

Monstera Leaf Decorative Trellis

  • Wash with warm water and dish soap. Do not use boiling water or place in the dishwasher. 

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