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New, redesigned hoop trellis for hoya, philodendron,pothos, or any small climbing plants.  The new design is symmetrical so the one side isn't as flat. 


I made this simple hoop trellis to help support and display your favorite plants.  This is great for any small to medium plant that likes to climb or reach. 


These trellises are printed in PETG, which holds up to heat and light fade and can be used outside. 


This can be ordered in 3 sizes:4", 6", and 8".  


I have popular colors and sizes listed but if you would like a custom order, please message me. 





Hoop Plant Trellis

  • Wash with warm water to remove any soil. You may use a bit of dish soap if needed. Do not put in dishwasher or rinse with boiling water. 

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