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    Simple Font 1 -  This stamp set is designed for functionality as well as comfort.  I worked closely with a local potter to create sharp, clean stamps with rounded handles. The dies with the letters are printed in resin while the handle is printed in PLA.  Colors are randomly chosen so no two sets are alike. I used different colors to separate upper,  lower, and numbers (on a different listing) so that they're easy to tell apart. 


    The dies are 10mm in size with the letters themselves being just under 3mm deep. They're sharp and strong, making a clean cut in the clay instead of pushing too much material out to the side.   


If you like to see them in action, I made a special set for The Vegan Potter and she posted a wonderful video on her Instagram


These are just the upper  case stamps. The lower case and numbers are on separate listings. You will get the exact set in the photo. 

Clay Stamps Simple Font 1- Upper Case Set -Brown and Red/Black/Green

  • Do not wash in boiling water or put in dishwasher. Not for oven use. 

    I haven't had any instances of materials sticking, but if needed, wash with warm water and a bit of dish soap.  Air dry or dry with soft towel. 

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