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Tri - Extrusion Filament from iSanmate

In my last post, I promised a filament review. I have a weak spot for co and tri-extrusion filaments. They create such a random beauty that I can't accurately re-create with paint or any other materials. In mid-December, I ordered a 4 pack of iSanmate tri-extrusion filament of 250g per roll. The rolls themselves weren't labeled, but they're distinctly different from each other.

I used the MatMireMakes rattlesnake. and a small container that I designed in Blender to try out this filament.

It printed well without any clogging or stringing, and the colors are vibrant.

I haven't added these prints to my website yet, but I'll be doing so in the future. If you're interested in owning any of these prints, please contact me.

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