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3D Printing for Plants

I love that every year I do a year in review and have great intentions of writing here more often, then half the year goes by in a flash.

So here we are, 6 months in, and I'm finally taking the time to catch up.

Over the last two years, I've been getting more into plant keeping. It started with a gift, then a couple of rescues from my office that closed. I joined a couple of Facebook groups to find out what I had and what care they needed and ended up learning more about houseplants than I thought I'd ever. While I'm not a huge collector, I do have far more than I ever have. Whenever I think I have the last plant that will fit in my small space, I find another that I must bring home.

At the start of this journey, I saw that trellises were available but not very interesting. I know, collectors want to see their plants and not the support, but I wanted something more unique. I have a love of dinosaurs that a 5-year-old may possess. Using Procreate, I started to draw out dinosaur linework then converting the linework to and .svg file so I can import it into a CAD program. As I made my dinosaurs, which I found to be more decorative than useful, other plant folks loved them and requested other animals and designs and even some customs of pets.

For the collectors that enjoy the geometric designs that show off the plant more than the trellis, I've added those as well.

I've also created a couple of robust supports for small climbers.

More recently I'm getting into making pots, propagation stations and home decor.

I have a handful of new decorative trellis designs as well another door corner to list. I usually have several projects going at once and am always happy to take suggestions.

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